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Official Lionel Atwill - Web Site & Fan Club

Our Purpose

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"The Song of Songs," (1933)

"All women love the men they fear. All women kiss the hand that rules them."  (Lionel Atwill)
This is a fan base web site and we would like to encourage everyone to contribute their personal stories, thoughts and related articles to this site.  Lets make this a Worldwide Web Site.

Captain Blood" (1935) with Errol Flynn, as Col. Bishop, proving his diversity;

Lionel Atwill

Our Mission:

Our mission is to further promote the interests of The Lionel Atwill Fan Club and our members. We are striving to  expand this site Worldwide and remember,  This web site is open to everyone, especially if you are a fan of Lionel Atwill or classic horror movies
As our membership base grows, we hope to  begin  organizing  theater showings of Lionel Atwil Movies and have Special Events. But, we need your help and membership.
We always welcomes your input and if you have any comments and/or suggestions, please forward them to us. 

Mystery of The Wax Museum

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